the dave ness Trio has been performing together for almost 20 years.  They perform jazz standards and original compositions by dave ness.
They have recorded two albums, sketches (2009) and layers (2013)
Some quotes from  Chicago Jazz Magazine review of LAYERS:
“Musical globetrotting is one of the features of this delightful album, with influences ranging from flamenco to Brazilian genres.”

“…creatively accomplished record…” 
“…eloquent and poetic acoustic guitar work.”
“…intelligently crisp and emotionally gritty.”
“Barker’s angular beats and complex polyrthythms are surprisingly soothing…”
“... Matt Thompson’s warm and profoundly resonant bass as he creates a complex and thoughtful solo…."

Dave Ness Trio

​Dave Ness Trio Dave Ness, guitar                    email:                      Kurt Barker, percussion;  Matt Thompson, bass

​Listening:  Click on link below to listen to alternate take of "Unrequited Gig" from the album "Layers."


Dave Ness Trio Live @ the Antioch Public Library

​Free concert- Sun. Sept. 18, 2016,    2-3 p.m.

Antioch Public Library District
757 North Main Street (Route 83), Antioch, IL 60002             847-395-0874